Musei Capitolini -
Villa Caffarelli
24 November 2023 - 05 May 2024
The first monographic exhibition dedicated to the greatest sculptor of the classical age. An extraordinary journey through the artist's life and work, with over 100 works, some exhibited for the first time, including archaeological finds, paintings, manuscripts, drawings, multimedia installations.
I sommersi. Roma 16 ottobre 1943
Musei Capitolini -
Palazzo dei Conservatori, ground floor rooms
16 October 2023 - 18 February 2024
Eighty years after 16 October 1943, the exhibition, curated by Yael Calò and Lia Toaff, commemorates the tragic event through the display of documents, newspapers, drawings, photographs but above all objects from the daily lives of people - women, men, children - arrested that day and never
Musei Capitolini -
Musei Capitolini, Palazzo dei Conservatori, Sala degli Arazzi
21 April 2023 - 07 January 2024
For the first time, the golden glass with the personification of the city of Rome, found during excavations for the construction of the Metro C station at Porta Metronia, will be on display.
La Roma della Repubblica. Il racconto dell’Archeologia
Musei Capitolini -
Palazzo Caffarelli, Rooms on the third floor
13 January 2023 - 21 January 2024
The project constitutes the second chapter (after the exhibition La Roma dei Re 2018) of the great cycle Il Racconto dell'Archeologia (The Tale of Archaeology), mainly based on the collections owned by the municipality and preserved in the warehouses and museums of the Sovrintendenza.
I Colori dell’Antico. Marmi Santarelli ai Musei Capitolini
Musei Capitolini -
Palazzo Clementino
13 April 2022 - 30 April 2032
On display is a broad overview of the use of coloured marble, from its origins to the twentieth century, through a fine selection of pieces from the Santarelli Foundation.
L'eredità di Cesare e la conquista del tempo
Musei Capitolini -
Palazzo dei Conservatori - Sala della Lupa e dei Fasti antichi
08 February 2021 - 21 January 2024
The Fasti Capitolini, extraordinary calendars engraved in marble, narrate the history of Rome from its origins to the dawn of the imperial age thanks to multimedia.

There are no planned exhibitions.

La Deposizione di Cristo di Jacopo Tintoretto
Incontro romano di Tintoretto padre con Tintoretto figlio
Musei Capitolini -
Pinacoteca, Sala III
07 September - 03 December 2023
From 7 September the Deposizione di Cristo painted by Jacopo Tintoretto will be exhibited in the Pinacoteca at the Musei Capitolini. Thanks to a loan from the Gallerie dell'Accademia in Venezia, the large painting is exposed until 3 December in the Pinacoteca next to the paintings of his son,
Musei Capitolini
05 July - 08 October 2023
In the exhibition space at Villa Caffarelli, a virtual trip into the atmospheres and the lighting systems of the ancient world through more than 180 original bronze exhibits from the cities of Vesuvio and Roma.
Il ritratto di Eleonora Gonzaga (1622)
Musei Capitolini -
Musei Capitolini, Pinacoteca Capitolina, Sala VI
08 June - 01 October 2023
On display at the Musei Capitolini is Lucrina Fetti, a Roman painter at the court of Mantova: Portrait of Eleonora Gonzaga (1622). The important painting is on display in the Pinacoteca with a public presentation and guided tour on Thursday 8 June at 18.00.