Domiziano Imperatore. Odio e amore
Musei Capitolini -
Villa Caffarelli
13 July 2022 - 29 January 2023
The exhibition dedicated at Domiziano, the last emperor of the gens Flavia, loved and hated in life as well as in death, describes the complex and the conflicts of this figure and his empire. On display are almost 100 works from some of the most important international and Italian museums.  
I Colori dell’Antico. Marmi Santarelli ai Musei Capitolini
Musei Capitolini -
Palazzo Clementino
13 April 2022 - 30 April 2023
On display is a broad overview of the use of coloured marble, from its origins to the twentieth century, through a fine selection of pieces from the Santarelli Foundation.
Foto di Zeno Colantoni
Musei Capitolini -
Palazzo dei Conservatori, Sale al piano terra
24 March 2022 - 23 April 2023
Four male and one female voice perform the republican period and reveal the nature of the political activities of the ancient Roman Republic.
L'eredità di Cesare e la conquista del tempo
Musei Capitolini -
Palazzo dei Conservatori - Sala della Lupa e dei Fasti antichi
08 February 2021 - 23 April 2023
The Fasti Capitolini, extraordinary calendars engraved in marble, narrate the history of Rome from its origins to the dawn of the imperial age thanks to multimedia. Extended to March 27, 2022

There are no planned exhibitions.

San Francesco contempla un teschio
The Saint Louis Art Museum’s St. Francis between Caravaggio and Velázquez
Musei Capitolini -
Pinacoteca - Sala Santa Petronilla
16 March - 15 May 2022
On loan from the Saint Louis Art Museum, for the first time in Rome, "St. Francis Contemplating a Skull" by Spanish painter Francisco de Zurbarán. The work is exhibited in the Hall of St. Petronilla at the Capitoline Museums, alongside canvases by Caravaggio e Velázquez.