Restoration of the sculptures in the Hall of Palazzo Nuovo

Gioco del Lotto-Lottomatica is financing the restoration of an important sculptural group on display in the Hall of Palazzo Nuovo, one of the groups that best represents the entire Capitoline collection.
The objects to be worked on are sixteen pieces of marble sculpture in the round, all of which life-size or over, and two figured cylindrical altars also in marble.

It is restoration work of considerable commitment and interest, which access the full potential of ancient sculpture of great importance, removing the thick layer of dirt accumulated over the centuries; in particular it will be possible to discover which parts are antique and which are modern reconstructions done in the seventeenth century to fill in where parts were missing.

Il Salone di Palazzo Nuovo

The work, which it is envisaged will last eighteen months, will take place on an open site, allowing visitors to watch the restoration process directly in every phase.

The sculptures were acquired in 1733 by Pope Clemente XII Corsini with the profits from the game of Lotto, which he had instituted, revoking the decree of his predecessor Benedict XIII, which prohibited it on pain of excommunication. He directed that its proceeds should be used for works of benefaction and public good.
For a while the draw took place in the Piazza del Campidoglio, with great public participation.
In 1733, after one of the most important private collections of antiquities, previously belonging to Alessandro Albani, had been acquired for the considerable sum of 66,000 gold scudi, the proceeds of the lottery were also used to turn the Palazzo Nuovo into a museum space for them, at the foot of S.Maria in Ara Coeli.