L'eredità di Cesare e la conquista del tempo
Musei Capitolini -
Palazzo dei Conservatori - Sala della Lupa e dei Fasti antichi
08 February - 31 December 2021
The Fasti Capitolini, extraordinary calendars engraved in marble, narrate the history of Rome from its origins to the dawn of the imperial age thanks to multimedia.
Musei Capitolini -
New venue at Palazzo Caffarelli
14 October 2020 - 09 January 2022
More than 90 works selected among the 620 catalogued marbles that belong with the Torlonia collection, the most important private collection of ancient sculptures: important for the history of art, archaeology, restoration, style, museography and archaeological studies.

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Roma. L'eternità nel futuro
Musei Capitolini -
Palazzo dei Conservatori, ground rooms
10 September - 31 October 2021
In the ground rooms of Palazzo dei Conservatori, an itinerary of seven "Distretti" for the innovation and regeneration of the city with the story of about 100 urban development projects.