Didactic programs for schools

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Guided Tours for schools
Guided tours on the history of the Capitol Hill and its square, on the birth and history of the Capitoline collections, on the acquisitions enriched over the centuries.
The tour will also focus on the Exedra of Marcus Aurelius, the construction of the Temple of Jupiter and the Roman antiquities coming from the Horti found in the ruins.

The catalogue is available on http://scuole.museiincomuneroma.it/

Reservation required
Phone +39 060608 every day from 9.00 to 19.00

All on-site and online activities are free for the schools in Rome and the Metropolitan city until the offer runs out.

The free offer for the activities of the PAD- Patrimonio a distanza program is extended to all the schools in the national territory, subject to availability, until 31st May 2021. Pursuant to the DPCM of 13th October 2020, on-site educational activities are currently suspended.

The on-site educational activities will be charged for schools outside Rome, outside the Metropolitan city, and in case the free offer runs out.

Educational visits and itineraries (duration 90 minutes)
€ 70.00
Activities: Percorsi nei Musei; Roma Museo diffuso (with the exception of “Difendere Roma nel 1849: tra Porta San Pancrazio e Villa Sciarra”); Salva(e)guarda il Patrimonio with the exception of “A passeggio per Villa Borghese tra storia, arte e natura”)

Workshops: (duration 120 minutes)
€ 176.00
Activities: Conoscere attraverso il “fare”

Special projects (duration 180 minutes):
€ 140.00
Activities: Un libro aperto sulla storia; Tra luoghi e carte (Piazza Navona: storia e trasformazioni attraverso la “lettura” dei luoghi e dei documenti d’archivio); Roma Museo diffuso (“Difendere Roma nel 1849: tra Porta San Pancrazio e Villa Sciarra”); Roma Diversa-Mente (“Roma: i luoghi dell’incontro e dell’accoglienza”)
€ 280.00
Activities: Salva(e)guarda il patrimonio (“A passeggio per Villa Borghese tra storia, arte e natura”)

The following activities are always free, a part from the offer:
- Osservare, comprendere, comunicare attraverso l’arte. Students at the museum with the Visual Thinking Strategies
- Tra luoghi e carte (“L’Archivio Storico Capitolino nel complesso dei Filippini: memoria viva della città”)

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The workshops are held in Italian